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News for 06-05-2011
Medical marijuana superstore opens
Seeking to capitalize on Arizona's newly enacted medical marijuana law, a California-based company on Wednesday opened a superstore-sized garden center in Phoenix catering to those who want to grow their own cannabis. "We sell everything but the plant itself," said Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow, the company that began franchising its big-box stores with outlets in Oakland and Sacramento, California. "We sell the products and the services for people to safely and responsibly cultivate their med

Pa. 8th graders' field trip includes Hooters lunch
BERWICK, Pa. — For one group of central Pennsylvania eighth-graders, a recent field trip to Baltimore included lunch at Hooters — a restaurant better known for its busty waitresses than its food. The Berwick Middle School students were visiting the National Aquarium last week. Chaperones took them to various restaurants for lunch because the group of 100 was too large for a single place. The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise reports Tuesday that one group of 15 to 20 students ended up at Hooters.

Naked jogger leaps into busy public pool
OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A naked man ran through a Kansas City suburb before scaling a fence and leaping into a swimming pool filled with children. Witness Amy Shapiro told NBC station KSHB-TV that traffic came to a halt at around noon on Wednesday as the nude man climbed out of the passenger side of a car in Overland Park, the second-largest city in Kansas.

Fearsome lawn ornament shot dead by cops
When an alligator was spotted near a suburban Kansas City pond, local police decided they were taking no chances: They would shoot the fearsome creature from a distance with a rifle. But the alligator took the first shot to the head without batting an eyelid, and then the second one bounced off. At that point, the officers realized the animal was not a bulletproof beast; rather, it was just a concrete lawn ornament, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

News for 05-18-2010
Clarksville man steals beer, says they weren't cold enough
After reportedly stealing beer from a gas station on the Bypass, a man brought the drinks back minutes later and attempted to exchange the stolen beers because they weren’t cold enough. A clerk told police that she went into the back of the store while re-stocking the beer, and when she returned a few cases were missing, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office report. At that point, the man — who appeared drunk, the clerk said — came in with the warm beer and asked to exchange it

Topless woman saves apartments from fire
A Darwin woman who used a hose to save a burning apartment building was so caught up in the moment she didn't realise she was topless. Tash Bennett was sunbaking by the pool at the Alatai Apartments in Darwin on Thursday when she noticed specks of ash falling on her, the NT News reports.

Suspicious Package: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke
Perhaps the new airport body scanners are a bit too revealing. A TSA worker in Miami was arrested for aggravated battery after police say he attacked a colleague who'd made fun of his small genitalia after he walked through one of the new high-tech security scanners during a recent training session. Rolando Negrin, 44, was busted for assault after things got ugly at Miami International Airport between Negrin and some of his fellow Transportation Security Administration workers on Tuesday.

Same car, same problem: 3 drunks behind wheel
Police say three people have been charged with drink-driving in the same car in Alice Springs overnight. Just after 4am police stopped the vehicle and say a 25-year-old man was arrested for high-range drink-driving and a range of other driving offences. Within 10 minutes, police stopped the vehicle again and charged a 31-year-old woman after she was over the alcohol limit. Again within a ten minute period, police found the car back on the road and a 30-year-old man was charged with drin

Burglar planted marijuana rolling papers
CRESTVIEW -- Mayor hopeful Alan Sampson said someone broke into his home last week and left marijuana rolling papers in his bathroom drawer. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Sampson, who was charged March 21 with marijuana possession and possession of narcotics equipment, told deputies someone planted the rolling papers in his home. “I don’t know if someone was trying to leave me a message or if it was some of the kids in the neighborhood,” Sampson sai

Dad tries to trade baby for beer or drugs
CHICOPEE, Mass. - A Massachusetts man offered to trade his 3-month-old daughter to an employee at a gas station and convenience store in exchange for beer, or perhaps crack cocaine, police say.

News for 04-08-2010
Lover 'almost killed' by huge breasts
British woman Claire Smedley almost killed her lover during sex - with her enormous breasts. Mum-of-three Smedley, 27, who has 40LL breasts, panicked when she lifted them up while having sex and found that her lover Steven had stopped breathing. In an exclusive video interview with the News of the World, she revealed how Steven usually loved being smothered by her breasts. "This time, he started flailing around a bit but I assumed it was because he was so excited, so I kept going. A few

Cops Go in Hard on Willy Bust
COPS swooped on a furniture store after shocked shoppers reported this bizarre case of indecent exposure. Store owner Jason Hadlow was slapped with a fine of £80 for displaying a 4ft stone penis in his shop window. A member of the public complained after spotting the offending appendage which was displayed in his shop, Simply Dutch, near Bedale, North Yorkshire. The firm, which bills itself as "the most interesting store in the North", recently stocked a new range of garden furniture, i

News for 04-07-2010
Woman Accused Of Operating Strip Club Out Of Trailer
CHESTERFIELD, S.C.—A disgruntled customer led deputies last week to a strip club operating out of a mobile home with a pole in the middle of the living room. The man called 911 dispatchers about 1 a.m. March 21 to report the strip club because he “had paid $25 and didn’t get what he wanted,“ Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Investigator Daniel Scott said. When deputies knocked on the door, “The homeowner, Gwendolyn Lowery, opened the door, and in the middle of the floor there were a bunch of

News for 03-30-2010
Man caught befouling car indicted
LAS CRUCES - A teen who allegedly defecated in a man's car - thinking it was his girlfriend's - was indicted Thursday on multiple charges of criminal property damage. Leaving work late the night of March 11, the car's owner reported finding 18-year-old Austin Horries Purifoy in the back seat of his Honda Civic, pulling up his underwear. "This is your car?" Purifoy said, according to documents filed in court. "I thought this was Desiree's car." Purifoy then allegedly got out of the car a

News for 03-26-2010
Goose woos statue, traps woman
WITT, Ill., March 24 (UPI) -- An Illinois woman said a goose with romantic intentions toward a concrete statue held her hostage in her home for several hours. Joanne Martin said she tried to leave her Witt, Ill., home earlier this month and caught an amorous goose in the throes of mating season making advances to the concrete goose statue next to her car, the Springfield (Ill.) State Journal Register reported Wednesday.

Vagina-Scented Perfume Debuts
DALLAS - A new scent claims to accurately capture the "the vaginal scent of a beautiful woman." Vulva Original bills itself not as a perfume, but an erotic feminine scent designed to offer pleasure and arousal by smelling it. It is not clear what compromises the concoction but it is advertised as being a "slightly yellow, desirable substance" that contains "more organic content."

News for 03-25-2010
Company boss spent £104,000 on firm's credit card in lapdancing club
A British company director spent more than £100,000 (€111,000) on his firm's credit card in a lapdancing club and falsified profits so he could get a bigger bonus, a court has heard. Ian Tulloch, 59, a married father-of-two, spent the equivalent of nearly twice his annual salary on naked dancing girls at the Spearmint Rhino club in central London. The sum would have paid for more than 5,000 nude lap dances, at £20 a time.

Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili
GAUHATI, India – The Indian military has a new weapon against terrorism: the world's hottest chili. After conducting tests, the military has decided to use the thumb-sized "bhut jolokia," or "ghost chili," to make tear gas-like hand grenades to immobilize suspects, defense officials said Tuesday.

Would-be bank robbers call ahead
Fairfield, Conn. (WTNH) - Two people have been arrested after they called a Fairfield bank demanding money, police said. The call came in to the People's United Bank in Stratfield Center around 3:00 p.m. The caller stated that he was sending someone in and that the teller should hand over $100,000.

Former Florida inmate gets 15 years in prison for trying to break back into jail
VIERA, Fla. - A Florida man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating his probation by trying to break into the Brevard County jail. A judged sentenced 25-year-old Sylvester Jiles on Monday. He was convicted in January of trespassing on jail property and resisting an officer. Authorities say Jiles tried to climb a 12-foot (3 1/2-meter) fence at the Brevard County Detention Center in August. He was caught and hospitalized with severe cuts from the barbed wire. He had been rele

Bainbridge Island police arrest "werewolf hunter"
Police have detained a man they say was waving a large sword around and stabbing objects in the parking lot of a Bainbridge Island building supply store. The shirtless 35-year-old man was covered with scrapes and cuts. He told the off-duty Bainbridge Island police officer who approached him Tuesday afternoon that he was "hunting werewolves and chuds" who could disguise themselves as humans. The man said he feared getting hurt.

News for 03-18-2010
Man used penis to assault female police officer
A man who assaulted a female police officer with his penis has been fined. Marium Varinauskas, 28, tried to strike the officer on the head with his penis when she was called out to his flat, but she got out of the way. Lithuanian Varinauskas admitted a charge of assault at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and was fined £600.

News for 03-16-2010
Woman aims to become world's fattest
An obese mother in the US is trying to put on weight in order to become the world's fattest woman. Donna Simpson, from New Jersey, weighs 273kg but told the Daily Mail newspaper she had her heart set on reaching her goal weight of 1000lb (450kg) in two years. The 42-year-old already holds the title of the world's fattest mother after giving birth to her daughter in 2007 when she weighed 241kg. "I'd love to be 1000lb ... it might be hard though, running after my daughter keeps my weight

News for 03-10-2010
Wichita man pays crack dealer with Monopoly money
NBC -- Police in Wichita, Kansas are investigating an odd crime that involves drugs, assault and Monopoly money. It started as a routine traffic stop in a Wichita neighborhood Thursday evening. When police pulled over the car they found a 33-year-old man bleeding from the head and telling an unusual story. The victim said a couple of weeks ago he bought several hundred dollars of crack-cocaine with Monopoly money and now the dealer was ready for pay back.

Romanian street sign warns drivers of 'drunk pedestrians'
Officials in Pecica, a village town about 13 miles from the Hungarian border in the country’s west, ordered the bright red signs, complete with the phrase “Attention - Drunks”. The 10 road signs, which also show a person crawling on their knees while clutching a glass in one hand, were erected in popular nightspot areas close to the city's bars and restaurants.

Lakeville man sues TV show over segment about his genital blemishes
A 22-year-old Lakeville newlywed is contending that a "Dr. Phil" spinoff national TV show tricked him into appearing and discussing the blemishes on his genitals, then airing a rerun of the episode over his protests.

Teen shoots his own testicles
A Vallejo teenager allegedly shot himself in the testicles Thursday afternoon, police said. Police said the 17-year-old, whose name is being withheld because he's a minor, walked into Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center at about 5:45 p.m. with a gunshot wound. The gun is still outstanding, police said, and the teen has not been cooperative.

News for 02-23-2010
StripperMobile grounded, but grinding strippers will return
TAMPA, Florida - StripperMobile, the strip club on wheels, will not return to the streets of Tampa Friday night as originally planned. City officials put the brakes on the mobile advertisement for the Déjà Vu gentlemen's club because of registration issues with the truck's Nevada license plate.

Nursing Home Residents Form a Biker Gang
Lydia Scheltes woke up in her bed at Bethesda Retirement Center one morning with pinkish hair, a tattoo on her arm and a hangover. Not a typical morning for the 90-year-old. “Seniors are more fun than you’ll ever know,” she said. Scheltes wasn’t alone: Seven ladies and one dude – aged 65 to 97 – all had a similar hazy look in their eyes after they hung out with bikers at the Evil Olive bar in Wicker Park on Feb. 11.

News for 02-19-2010
Swiss prostitutes trained to use defibrillators in brothels to prevent clients dying
Brothel owners in the Lugano area say electric shock treatment to restart customer's hearts is needed because so many elderly customers are using their services. The most recent victim was a pensioner, thought to be having fun with the help of anti-impotence medication. His death followed a series of other incidents, some fatal, in which heart attacks have claimed brothel customers in the area.

Runaway Zebra Captured On Downtown Connector
ATLANTA -- A runaway zebra was spotted on Atlanta's downtown connector during Thursday afternoon's rush hour. Channel 2 Action News has learned that the runaway zebra belongs to the Ringling Brothers Circus.

‘Dead’ woman moves arm as embalming begins
BOGOTA, Colombia - A Colombian woman declared dead of a heart attack moved one of her arms just as an undertaker was about to embalm her, doctors said Wednesday. Noelia Serna, 45, was rushed to a hospital in the city of Cali, where she was in critical condition in an intensive care unit Wednesday, said hospital director Luis Fernando Rendon. "Her chances of survival are slim," Rendon said.

News for 02-17-2010
Czech Doctors Left 12" Tool in Patient
It took five long months for a Czech woman to discover the reason for her pain: Doctors had left a foot-long medical tool inside her abdomen. This month, doctors at a clinic in the southeastern town of Ivancice discovered their colleagues had forgotten to remove a spatula-like surgical instrument from the woman following gynecological surgery in September.

Ronald McDonald arrested for pot
Police arrested Ronald McDonald for possession of marijuana and allowing others to use drugs at his residence on Sunday. According to police, officers responded to the 44-year-old’s residence, 2023 Taylor Dr. at 5:43 after receiving a report of a suspicious odor. Outside McDonald’s residence, officers could smell a strong odor or marijuana coming from the residence.

Police arrest woman covered in Jell-O, drunk
A woman wearing a bikini and covered in Jell-O was arrested for driving while under the influence shortly after leaving a Milan bar last week, according to police reports. A Milan police officer on patrol witnessed a 1998 Chevrolet Lumina roll through the stop sign at the intersection of Lewis Avenue and Lee Street at about 10:20 p.m. Feb. 8. The driver swerved the vehicle before stopping on southbound North Street.

Iowa Court Discovers 'Art' Loophole Allows 17-Year-Old Strippers
Nude dancing is still an art form in Iowa, at least at a strip club in the tiny town of Hamburg. The Iowa Court of Appeals on Wednesday dismissed the state's request for a review of the issue. The request followed a judge's 2008 decision that Clarence Judy, then-owner of Shotgun Geniez, didn't violate the state's public indecent exposure law. Judy was charged after a 17-year-old girl stripped onstage in the southwestern Iowa club in 2007.

In Utah, a plan to cut 12th grade
The proposal by state Sen. Chris Buttars would chip away at Utah's $700-million shortfall. He's since offered a toned-down version: Just make senior year optional.

News for 02-11-2010
Dubai court annuls marriage to 'bearded lady'
An Arab country's ambassador to Dubai has had his marriage contract annulled after discovering the bride was cross-eyed and had facial hair. The woman had worn an Islamic veil, known as the niqab, on the few occasions the couple had met.

US soldier gives four-year-old daughter 'waterboarding' over alphabet
Joshua Tabor allegedly told police he had used the technique because he was angry and knew his daughter was scared of water. The 27-year-old, who had recently gained custody of the young girl, said she "squirmed" as he pushed her under the water three or four times, it was claimed.

Toledo strip club puts cover charge into quake relief
Scantily clad dancers were the draw at a downtown men's entertainment club over the weekend for an event that raised nearly $1,000 for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Marilyn's on Monroe, 715 Monroe St., billed Saturday's affair as "Lap dances for Haiti." Although the billing may be misleading - lap dancing is illegal in Ohio - the intention isn't. General Manager Kenny Soprano said Sunday the club donated all the money from the day's regular $10 cover charge to International Servic

Phony corpse tip leads to marijuana bust
MONTREAL, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Canadian police in Montreal suspect rivals were responsible for a fake tip about a dead body in a house that actually was a marijuana farm. Police got an anonymous 911 emergency call at 11:45 p.m. Monday night about a corpse in a house in suburban Laval, Constable Nathalie Lorrain told The (Montreal) Gazette. Officers got no answer at the front door and circled the house and then found the front door ajar, she said.

NY Thief Meets Victim to Return Stolen Jewelry; Cops Make Arrest
AIRMONT -- An Orange County woman was arrested in the Ramapo Diner after police said she agreed to meet an acquaintance to return jewelry that she allegedly took from her home. Melissa A. Dineen, 22, of Monroe was arrested at the diner Monday evening after she agreed to meet a Ramapo resident there. The resident told police that $6,400 worth of jewelry had been taken from her Fred Eller Drive home Friday.

Girl, 11, Gives Birth to Baby Boy in Northeast Hospital
An 11-year-old girl in the Northeast recently gave birth to a baby boy, the girl’s family told Fox News. "My daughter and (her) baby are fine, and the baby is absolutely beautiful," said the mother of the 11-year-old girl. The girl and her family are not being named in order to protect the new parent's privacy.

News for 02-05-2010
Banker in supermodel email blunder keeps job
David Kiely, who works in Macquarie Private Wealth in Sydney, opened e-mails on Tuesday containing pictures of model Miranda Kerr, unaware a colleague behind him was doing a live television interview about the Australian economy.

News for 01-21-2010
'Booze for boobs' promotion causes a stir
A nightclub in Singapore is attracting attention for a marketing strategy that offers free drinks according to women's bra sizes, the China Press reports. The OverEasy nightclub introduced the event 'Fill My Cups' recently to promote events hosted by Australian DJ DCUP. The promotion allows A-cup patrons one free drink, B-cups two, C-cups three, and D-cups can claim a free bottle of vodka.

News for 01-18-2010
Man crashes into cafe, orders breakfast
PORT ORANGE, Fla., Jan. 7 (UPI) -- A 91-year-old man who crashed his car into a popular Florida restaurant proceeded to sit down and order breakfast near his vehicle, authorities said. Tonya Gilardi, a spokeswoman for Port Orange Fire, said Charles Pierce was not injured when he crashed his car into the Biscuits 'N' Gravy restaurant at 11:11 a.m. Monday, but another customer was treated for minor injuries at Halifax Health Medical Center in Port Orange, the Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal

Boy arrested for angry football throw
Police were called to Crittenden Middle School on Friday to arrest a 14-year-old boy for angrily throwing a football at another boy's leg during a football game. Police spokesperson Steve McCoy said school administrators called the police at 2:14 p.m. last Friday to report the incident. The unnamed 13-year-old hit in the leg by the football was uninjured.

Man's penis removed from pipe
Medics at Southampton General Hospital could not get the man's penis out of the stainless steel pipe because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become aroused. So they called in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Man's penis removed from pipe
Medics at Southampton General Hospital could not get the man's penis out of the stainless steel pipe because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become aroused. So they called in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Glasgow: Parents take teens to washroom
GLASGOW, Scotland, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- A Scotland city council regulation says a parent must escort children under 16 years old to the washroom in places such as restaurants. The Glasgow rule requires parents to accompany their children everywhere within a licensed establishment, which arguably would mean that, for example, a teenage boy would have to go to the women's restroom with his mother, The Sunday Times of London said.

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