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Links for 07-13-2010
Top 15 Cringeworthy Tour de France Crashes
20 Signs Made Better By Vandalism

Links for 06-17-2010
25 Funniest For Sale Signs Of All Time

Links for 04-08-2010
The 25 Dirtiest Newspaper Headlines Of All Time

Links for 04-06-2010
25 Grannies Playing Beer Pong

Links for 04-05-2010
The 25 Funniest "Beware" Signs Of All Time

Links for 04-01-2010
Top Ten Worst Tramp Stamps

Links for 03-31-2010
18 Unbelievably Realistic Works of 3D Digital Art
Eight year old little bastard will out-troll you on ChatRoulette

Links for 03-30-2010
Top 10 Places You Don%u2019t Want To Visit

Links for 03-26-2010
The 7 Most Insane True Stories of Neighbors from Hell

Links for 03-25-2010
Most Awesome Basketball Fails
Now Here is How I Want to Take a Crap: 10 Toilets with a Great View

Links for 03-24-2010
This squirrel makes me look dumb (Video)
Take 10 minutes out of your day to act like a kid again (22 photos)
Skater Double FAIL

Links for 03-23-2010
Top 10 Bizarre Museums Around the World

Links for 03-12-2010
20 Homemade Things That Shouldn%u2019t Be Home-Made

Links for 03-11-2010
10 Animated gifs that hurt your funny bone

Links for 03-09-2010
10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails

Links for 03-08-2010
Collection Of Sexy Mousepads

Links for 02-26-2010
Funny Photo's Taken At Just The Right Moment,

Links for 02-23-2010
glow in the dark toilet paper: for bathroom raves

Links for 02-22-2010
The 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces,

Links for 02-19-2010
call the ambalance!

Links for 02-17-2010
If Cartoons Were More Like The Real World
A Drunk Dude, A Bus Stop And A Car

Links for 02-02-2010
9 Inventions that Prove Leonardo da Vinci Was a Supervillain
Chick bellyflops off cliff

Links for 01-22-2010
The Girlfriend Application

Links for 01-21-2010
10 More Signs You Drank Too Much

Links for 01-20-2010
7 Common Survival Tactics (that Will Get You Killed)
10 Laws That Prove The World Is Nuts
Ten Amusing Fitness Ads

Links for 01-15-2010
The 5 Creepiest Unexplained Broadcasts

Links for 01-08-2010
Humorous Protest Signs Of 2009

Links for 01-05-2010
6 Transportation Innovations More Baffling Than The Segway
Unfortunate Naming

Links for 12-24-2009
Don't Be Hatin'
Best T-Shirts 2009
The 6 Most Badass Skills You Can Learn in Under a Week

Links for 12-17-2009
The 19-plus worst films of 2009
Facebook: Making Parents More Embarrassing Than They Already Are
The Most Ridiculous Penis Stories Of 2009

Links for 12-16-2009
10 terrible gifts you%u2019ll definitely get this Christmas
men who look like old lesbians

Links for 12-14-2009
Top 10 Santa Legends From Around the World

Links for 12-09-2009
The 20 Funniest Priceless Photos Of All Time
25 Google Street View Prostitutes
Gun Recoil Takes Another Victim
The 20 Funniest Church Signs Of All Time
A Flowchart to Determine If You Can Get Away With Having a Mistress
Bad Santa: 33 Examples of Creepy Mall Santas

Links for 12-04-2009
Top 10 most-watched shows of the decade

Links for 12-02-2009
6 Ways Your Body Loves to Screw You (Explained by Science)
The 30 Best Fight Scenes in Movie History

Links for 12-01-2009
Not Everything's What It Seems

Links for 11-30-2009
The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia

Links for 11-05-2009
The Faces Behind TV's Famous Cartoon Voices

Links for 11-03-2009
Marriage lessons, always correct on signs (15 Photos)

Links for 11-02-2009
Top 10 Weirdest CIA Programs

Links for 10-30-2009
7 Horrific Boogeymen Used to Scare Kids Around The World

Links for 10-28-2009
10 Creepy Places in America

Links for 10-23-2009
20 (More) Strange and Exotic Endangered Species
Top 10 Internet Butterfaces

Links for 10-21-2009
Confiscated Property Of Mexican Drug Lords,
21 News Caption Mistakes

Links for 10-20-2009
Mug Shot Shirts

Links for 10-14-2009
The 10 Best Mullets in Sports History
Fat Kids Falling
20 Drunkest Animals On YouTube
A Collection Of Pre-1930 Awkward Family Photos

Links for 10-12-2009
Dating site chicks, using camera angles to lie (12 Photos)
12 Most Bizarre Police Sketches Ever
6 Magical Movie Items They Wasted on Bullshit

Links for 10-09-2009
Sex Machines Museum, Prague
7 Great Clark Griswold Moments
guns kill people

Links for 10-05-2009
7 Secrets Only Two Living People Know (For Some Reason)
Top 10 Countries to Drink the Local Alcohol
NFL Fantasy Files Deluxe Version

Links for 10-01-2009
Terrible Football Mistake Causes Loss

Links for 09-29-2009
12 of the best pole vaulting Fails of all-time

Links for 09-25-2009
Gastro-tats (25 photos)
Newsreader fails: the 30 most baffling onscreen errors
He Puts It in the Wrong Place

Links for 09-24-2009
The 10 Most Ridiculously Awesome Fight Scenes In Movie History
Lesbian Motivational Posters
Never Giving Up: A Collection Of Combovers
25 Hot Girls With Weapons
25 Passive Aggressive Office Kitchen Notes

Links for 09-23-2009
The Funniest Protest Signs Of 2009

Links for 09-22-2009
The Most Expensive Movies Of The Past Decade

Links for 09-21-2009
9 Websites Not Worth Visiting Since the '90s,
Most Bizarre Uses For Duct Tape
25 Funny Lost and Found Signs
Awesome Senior Citizen Attacks Bank Robber
10 Giant HD Screens Around the World

Links for 09-18-2009
Insane New Dunk
Cheerleader Falls Face First

Links for 09-17-2009
Tasteless and Offensive Signs
Wednesday, September 16, 2009, The 31 Wildest Conspiracy Theories
15 Vacation Ideas For Tourists With Bulletproof Vests

Links for 09-15-2009
24 Hilariously Defaced Signs

Links for 09-09-2009
The 100 Funniest Sports Photos Of All Time

Links for 09-08-2009
George Brownridge

Links for 09-01-2009
10 Awesome Contextual Ad FAILs
The greatest parents in all the land (16 Photos)
25 Awesome Vanity Plates
Crazy Female Driver Destroys Parking Lot
Cursing Reporter Stung by Bee

Links for 08-31-2009
Wackiest Tramp Stamps

Links for 08-28-2009
Trickey with Balls

Links for 08-26-2009
The 10 Greatest Talk Show Fights Of All Time
The 10 Most Shocking Olympic Gender Scandals
Single Handedly Saving The Whales

Links for 08-25-2009
25 Awesome Protest Signs
9 Epic Screencaps From 4chan%u2019s Facebook Raid
Trampoline Breaks Under Girls Feet
Rope Swing Fail
a tee, a golf club, a ball, and a friend's bare ass

Links for 08-24-2009
6 Web How-To's That Are Apparently For Supervillains

Links for 08-20-2009
5 Species That Seem to be Trying to Take over the Earth
Drunk Girl Versus Glass Table
Drunks Doing Yoga

Links for 08-19-2009
Fat Bus Rider Sent Flying During Bus Crash (CCTV)
The 7 Craziest Theme-Parks on Earth

Links for 08-18-2009
20 Creative and Funny Toilet Signs
25 Badass Gangster Babies

Links for 08-17-2009
Hilarious Homeless Signs
7 College Scholarships That Require Absolutely No Talent

Links for 08-14-2009
The 8 Most Ill-Conceived Product Names of All-Time
Sexist Vintage Ads
Thirty of the Dumbest Inventions of the 20th Century
15 Ludicrous Straight-to-DVD Sequels That Actually Exist
10 of the best General Lee jumps of all-time

Links for 08-10-2009
The 10 Most Amazing Unexplained Artifacts
23 Badly Placed Internet Ads

Links for 08-05-2009
Compilation Of World's Abandoned Places,
The 10 Funniest Moments In The Price Is Right History

Links for 08-03-2009
10 of the World's Worst Beaches
Top 10 Unusual Lawsuits,

Links for 07-31-2009
15 Billboards That Don%u2019t Belong Next To Each Other,
10 Creative Bathroom Ads

Links for 07-30-2009
15 Ugliest Products Ever

Links for 07-28-2009
7 High Tech Products And Their Cheap Ass Ingredients

Links for 07-27-2009
10 funny deleted scenes from classic comedy movies

Links for 07-24-2009
Wedding Entrance Dance
The 5 Most Badass Things Ever Done By Jungle Cats

Links for 07-23-2009
The 210 Most Shameful Drunken Shamings
Top 10 Odd Allergies

Links for 07-22-2009
michelan baby

Links for 07-21-2009
6 Ways The Recession Has Made The World Suck Less
26 Ridiculously Questionable T-Shirts
The 10 Most Eccentric Items Ever Auctioned Online

Links for 07-20-2009
10 Useful Inventions That Went Bad
Banned German Sprite ad
7 Fatal Injuries (That People Somehow Survived)

Links for 07-17-2009
Seven College Pranks
The 5 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Work Safety Videos
Worst Boob Jobs Ever

Links for 07-16-2009
Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos

Links for 07-15-2009
13 Most Unfortunate Personal Names for their Jobs
Funny Unpublished Commercials
Bizarre Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy Online
Child Mullets
A Carpenter%u2019s Hack Job And 12 Other Penis Accidents
12 of the greatest martial arts FAILS of all-time
A Collection of Animals Drinking

Links for 07-14-2009
Couch Airbag Explosion Surprise

Links for 07-13-2009
Pool Dunks
The 7 Most Ridiculous Double Knockouts
Ballsy Kids Infuriate Neighbor With Garbage Can Water Prank
Baby Boozers - A Gallery
6 'Facts' About Historic Figures (Their Enemies Made Up)

Links for 07-10-2009
13 Funniest Celebrity Film Cameos, Playing Themselves
What To Do If You Win the Lottery
Top 10 Female Reporters Being Harassed On Live TV
11 Photos Where Black People Were Awkwardly Photoshopped In or Out
Invisible Fence Shocks Hot Chick

Links for 07-09-2009
Friends Prank

Links for 07-08-2009
Top 13 moments of people taking a ball to the head
The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

Links for 07-07-2009
8 Awesome Cases of Internet Vigilantism
Best Man Speeches -- the Best of the Worst

Links for 07-06-2009
Only In... Where??
Awesome Crowd Surfing

Links for 06-26-2009
210 %u2018WTF Were They Thinking%u2019 Tattoos
Firework Nutshot Turns Out to be a Bad Idea
The Camping Ramp Jump of Death
Introducing the Koobzie (a.k.a. the Boob Koozie)
Before They Were Heavy: 10 Awkward Yearbook Photos of Metal Stars
Girl On Girl Knee To The Face

Links for 06-25-2009
I know how to sit on the toilet now

Links for 06-24-2009
Advertising in the Tokyo subway

Links for 06-23-2009
The Truth, Even When It Hurts

Links for 06-19-2009
Gullibility Fail

Links for 06-18-2009
Brutally Honest Beer Labels

Links for 06-17-2009
Bad Logos - When Logos Go Bad

Links for 06-15-2009
Effects of Beer
Stripper Homework

Links for 06-09-2009
A Tribute to Men Staring at Boobs

Links for 06-02-2009
Afternoon Victory: A Winning Lottery Ticket

Links for 06-01-2009
The 7 Household Highs You Shouldn%u2019t Have Tried
18 Climactic %u201CO%u201D Faces on Animals
The 10 Fictional Strip Clubs That Would Be Most Fun To Visit
School Lunch From Around the World
The Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Players
Drunk-O-Vision VII
The CIA%u2019s 5 Most Mind Blowing Experiments With LSD

Links for 05-27-2009
5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy
14 More of the Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever
Bowling ball ceiling sprinkler fail
6 "World-Changing" Inventions (That Didn't Change Shit)

Links for 05-15-2009
Impossible Situp Prank
girls fight
10 Amazing Survival Stories

Links for 05-14-2009

Links for 05-13-2009
The Poop of Tomorrow%u2026 Today!
10 Amazing YouTube Videos
Why I Got Fired (PICS)
6 Movies Based on a True Story (That Are Also Full of Shit)

Links for 05-11-2009
Top 10: Worst Hip-Hop Crossovers
Six Weird-Ass Moments In Music
6 People Who Made A Living Playing Retarded 'Sports'

Links for 05-05-2009
14 Awesomely Necessary Bathroom Signs

Links for 04-30-2009
How Drunkenness Affects Your Chances of Getting Laid
10 More signs you need to go on a diet
15 Most Unfortunate Haircuts for a Mugshot
15 Most Unfortunate Tattoos for a Mugshot
Russian Roulette the Whole Family Can Enjoy
6 Famous Characters You Didn't Know Were Shameless Rip Offs
The Real Campuses Behind The Top 19 College Movies Of All Time
9 Of The Most Repulsive Buildings On Earth

Links for 04-29-2009
Fresh Air
Chinese fakeaway
10 Retarded Money Saving Tips (People Are Actually Trying)

Links for 04-24-2009
6 Incredible Real-World Supervillain Lairs

Links for 04-22-2009
The 10 Strangest Dating Advice Books That Actually Exist
The 8 Stages Of Alcohol Consumption

Links for 04-21-2009
Women vs Men- Shopping
Celebrity Tombstone Quotes

Links for 04-17-2009
The 10 Scariest Travel Destinations in the World
20 Objects Devoured by the Jungle
Cakes, not for the faint-hearted
9 Funny Street Intersections
7 Retarded Tax Evasion Schemes (People Are Actually Trying)
The 5 Most Ill-Advised Celebrity Endorsements Ever
World%u2019s Most Impressive Roadside Attractions
9 Legal Drugs With Extremely Disturbing Side Effects

Links for 04-13-2009
most amazing golf hole on the planet
15 Failed Predictions about the Future
Smartest Dogs: Moscow Stray Dogs
Time Travel Cheat Sheet

Links for 04-08-2009
Some Strange Places Found On Google Earth

Links for 04-07-2009
Useless Talent Award: Finger Breakdancing
5 Ghost-Towns Around the World
10 Most Spectacular Norwegian Fjords
Ronald McDonald Is Very Deep
T-Shirts Can Tell You Important Stuff
24 of the Strangest Sports You%u2019ll Ever See

Links for 04-06-2009
6 Geniuses Who Saw Their Inventions Go Terribly Wrong

Links for 04-03-2009

Links for 04-02-2009
10 Dumbest Criminals
Homer's Epics
12 Strange Landmarks in America
The 7 Most Idiotic Corporate Temper Tantrums

Links for 04-01-2009
10 Most Hilarious April Fool%u2019s Pranks (by Companies)
The 7 Most Horrifying Parasites on the Planet
The 50 Hottest Female Athletes Of All Time
7 Bizarre (yet real) Political Parties only Homer Simpson would vote for

Links for 03-27-2009
Embarrassing Keg Stand Faceplant
The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
Sporno: 20 Pictures In Which Sport and Porn Collide
10 Creepiest Old Ads

Links for 03-25-2009
20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays

Links for 03-23-2009
The Most Interesting Most Mailboxes
6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever
Horrible Nut Shot
The 5 Lamest Drinking Games
Top 10 Eccentric Buildings

Links for 03-19-2009
Google In 20 Years

Links for 03-17-2009
10 Best Paternity Reactions Ever
The 9 Funniest Shirts With Genitals On Them
Mmm, Whiskey Flavored Condoms
Complete Online Guide To St. Patrick%u2019s Day
8 of the World's Biggest Roadside Attractions
Twenty Celebrities That Have Aged Miserably
The Ten Best Costumes from the WWF

Links for 03-16-2009's All-Tournament Name Team

Links for 03-13-2009
5 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Links for 03-12-2009
5 Deadly Sci-Fi Gadgets You Can Build At Home
A Collection of Funny Signs from Around the World
Manliest Cities in America
How White Trash Is Your City?
The original Doggie Bag.
Trucks Vs Bridge
The Work Pyramid

Links for 03-09-2009
The 10 Most Successful Potheads on the Planet%u2026 Cool Enough to Admit It

Links for 03-06-2009
6 Sex Myths as Explained by Science
Comprehensive Spring Break Bikini Guide
10 More Creepy Photos
Amir makes a blindfolded half-court basketball shot for $500,000. Or so he thinks
Life flashes before a Heineken bottle's eyes
Manhole Protector
The Ugliest Cat In The World
Top 10 Strangest Natural Phenomena

Links for 03-05-2009
Various types of Evolutions
11 "Modern" Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think
Best of Google Street View
15 Awesome Pictures of Crowd Surfing
7 Insane Military Attempts To Weaponize Animals
The True Stories Behind 5 Famous WTF Images
Bizarre Schools of the Third World
5 Comic Book Movies Way Worse Than 'Batman and Robin'
20 Random Awesome Pictures of People in Hot Tubs
Top 10 Botched Bank Robberies

Links for 03-02-2009
The 6 Strangest Objects People Were Caught Having Sex With

Links for 02-27-2009
Porta-Potty Run
Cheerleader Fall
10 Pretty Bad %u201CFamily Jewel%u201D Videos in Sports
3 Scientific Breakthroughs In Real Life Mind Control
Las Vegas 50 Most Prolific Prostitutes
The 8 Most Awesome Old School 3-D Flicks
The 5 Most Unintentionally Gay Horror Movies
99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Someth

Links for 02-25-2009
Baby Mop
What USD $500,000 Buys Worldwide

Links for 02-19-2009
Ten Of The Weirdest Athlete Endorsments Ever
20 Moments That Would Have Improved Great Movies
Realistic Graffiti Street Art by TRANS
Buddhist Temple Built Using 1.5m Beer Bottles

Links for 02-18-2009
Reagan Could Sell Anything

Links for 02-17-2009
5 Things You Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't)
9 Real Life Mad Scientists

Links for 02-13-2009
why you should always double-check your photos before uploading them to facebook. NSFW
Comedy Gets the Ladies

Links for 02-12-2009
Top 10: Female Spies
Man loses car he just parked
sexual harassment video
Statements my offspring has made recently

Links for 02-10-2009
10 Best Cheesy Pro Wrestling Characters
iPhone vs. Rock
The Taos Police Blotter Makes Taos Sound Like Fun
11 Craziest Grammy Moments

Links for 02-09-2009
Fine Work

Links for 02-02-2009
Super (Bowl) Hookers
Parent FAIL (12 photos)
Worse than bad tattoos (18 photos)
Woman are good drivers-NOT! (22 photos)
7 Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal
Top 10 Misunderstood Songs

Links for 01-30-2009
The Greatest Snack Food Stadium Ever Built
Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters
The 6 Most Pathetic Attempts to Get Super Bowl Tickets
Bacon Pie

Links for 01-28-2009
Top 10 Strangest How-To Books
5 Awful Places That People Actually Get Married At
The Barack Obama Action Figure
Legendary Celebrities Then and Now

Links for 01-27-2009
Letterman%u2019s 9 Most Hilariously Awkward Moments
5 Horrific Serial Killers (Who Are Free Right Now)

Links for 01-26-2009
Top 10 Bizarre Road Signs

Links for 01-23-2009
The 11 Most Retarded Fictional Weapons
When Pet Owners Go Too Far %u2014 Part 2
16 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped
The 5 Worst Sources of Advice on Television

Links for 01-22-2009
30 Super Bowl Snacks
13 Insanely Horrible Local TV Ads

Links for 01-21-2009
Soccer Accident
French Fry Coated Bacon on a Stick

Links for 01-19-2009
Earth, observed
Top 10 Outrageous Comic Book Advertisements

Links for 01-14-2009
If Movie Posters Were Honest

Links for 01-12-2009
The Bush Years: As Told By MAD Magazine Covers
6 Insane Prison Escapes That Actually Happened

Links for 01-09-2009
The 5 Worst %u2018New Cute Kid%u2019 TV Characters From The Past 30 Years
If Everything In Life Came With Warning Labels
The 7 Worst Celebrity Twins
The Best of Twin Peeps!

Links for 01-07-2009
Top 10 Erroneous Newspaper Headlines
Athletes With Illegitimate Kids: Expanded And Updated 2009 Edition
The Ten Most Memorable Scenes of 2008
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Porn Star
10 Things Craigslist's "Erotic Services" Taught Me About Prostitutes
The World's Funniest Street Signs
Tossed Bullfighter Gets Mad Air Lands Directly on Head
Quarterback Choke Slammed
The Weird Things People Eat Around the World

Links for 01-06-2009
Adventures In Badly Decorated Christmas Yards
Could you ever get THIS bored at work
11 More Drunk Photos You Don't Want To Be In
10 Most Disturbing Animals on Earth
Beer School: Fun Facts About Our Frothy Friend.
10 Worst Translations Ever
crazy roads
5 Celebrity Wikipedia Entries They Clearly Wrote Themselves
How 5 Everyday Businesses Trick You
Top 25 fictional ads in sci-fi movies

Links for 12-31-2008
Flaming Basketball Stunt Does Not Go Well
12 Most common beer myths exploded
12 Most Common Beer Myths

Links for 12-29-2008
Where Aren't They Now?: 15 Overlooked Deaths of 2008

Links for 12-23-2008
6 'Adorable' YouTube Videos That Qualify as Child Abuse
Top 10 Trashiest Christmas Gifts for Him

Links for 12-22-2008
Top 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions

Links for 12-16-2008
8 Everyday Words With X-Rated Origins
The 12 Most Horrifically Misleading Euphemisms
5 Real Bank Heists Ripped Right Out of the Movies
Worst Individual Seasons By a Team
Cuff %u2018Em: Busted Coverage%u2019s Top 20 Sports Related Arrests Of 2008
The 12 Greatest Movie Drinking Scenes
10 Lists General Enough To Get On The Front Page Of Digg
Drunk Dancing Guide: Simple Instructions for Dancing under the Influence

Links for 12-15-2008
people losing it at work
Ambulance Dumps Passenger
Huge Ghetto Brawl Breaks Out in Classroom
20 Greatest Celebrity Courtroom Sketches
You May Be a Taliban, If ...
6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can't Explain
The Combover: An Awesomely Bad Photo Gallery

Links for 12-11-2008
SUV Owner Strikes Back and Tows a Tow Truck
The 8 Most Horrifying Body Modifications
The Most Useless Product In The Entire World

Links for 12-10-2008
Watch the photographer

Links for 12-09-2008
FOX Broadcasts Some Viking Locker Room Dong
5 Government Programs That Backfired Horrifically

Links for 12-08-2008
why you don%u2019t make fun of your friends in pain
Blinding Christmas Lights Display
The 7 Most Retarded Criminal Excuses of All Time
The 7 Dumbest Things Ever Done by Airport Security
7 Sportsmen who have blown a fortune

Links for 12-04-2008
The 7 Most Ingenious (And Insane) Smuggling Techniques
5 Cosmic Events That Could Kill You Before Lunch
Little Johnny Is A Gymnastics Failure
Top 10 Signs You%u2019re Lonely
Some Pretty Great Moments in %u201COh Sh*t!%u201D History (With Titles)
9 Greatest Stadium Sex Moments Of 21st Century
Top 10 - Worst Movies of 2008
5 Things You Didn't Know: Playboy
Drunk Guy Drinks Piss From A Urinal
BMX Rider Has An Unlucky Landing

Links for 12-03-2008
7 Historical Figures Who Were Absurdly Hard To Kill
Technology for the Obscenely Wealthy

Links for 12-02-2008
Worst Jobs with the Best Pay
Top 10 Professional Sports Scandals
10 Totally Tacky Gifts
Violent Catfight
The 10 Most Devastating Insults of All Time
More Things that Remind You of Sex

Links for 12-01-2008
Fantastic free kick
Who Is Hotter? - Sports Reporter Edition
25 Awesome Ways to Break Bad News
12 Sex Lessons From Late Night Movies
11 Interesting Facts About Popular Thanksgiving Traditions

Links for 11-26-2008
Top 10 Fugitives in the World Still on the Run

Links for 11-25-2008
Top 10 (or so) Worst Family Portraits
Sucker Punch Knocks Guy Into Oblivion
5 Ways to Get Rich (Without a Single Discernible Skill)
%u201CJust the Tip%u201D And 4 Other Ways to Seal the Deal

Links for 11-24-2008
The 7 Most Annoying People At Thanksgiving Dinner
Earth's News Feed
7 Retarded Food Myths the Internet Thinks Are True
Two Tourist Boats Collide at High Speeds
A collection of trick composition photography

Links for 11-21-2008
10 Jobs That Make You Realize Your Job Isn't That Bad
The Strangest Places Money Has Been Found
Trick Soccer Throw-In Destroys Kid
Ridiculous Accident at Car Wash
Sleeping Toilet
Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing
The Top 20 Wrestling Moves That Sound Like Sex Acts
College Football Handjob
This is the Kind Of Passed Out You Probably Don%u2019t Want To Be

Links for 11-20-2008
The Greatest Wedding In The Entire Universe
Photobombers: Here Comes Trouble
15 MORE Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Links for 11-18-2008
Crazy Headlines and Classifieds
Motorcycle Showoff Owned Badly on New Bike
This is why you don't walk across the slip'n slide
Fire Extinguisher To Face Is Effective
So This Is Why Ronald McDonald Is Always Smiling
The 15 Worst Album Covers of All-Time

Links for 11-17-2008
The 5 Most Retarded Causes People Are Actually Fighting For
Top 10 Lamest Batman Villains
The 5 Most Retarded Causes People Are Actually Fighting For

Links for 11-14-2008
The Winner Of The 2048 Presidential Election
Brutal Late Hit Breaks Collar Bone
Rough First Day On The Job
Chick Slips And Slams Head On Stairs
10 Scenes From Sports Movies That Really Pump You Up
Rollerblader Fence Jump Stunt Goes Really Bad
The 10 Worst Places to Get Caught Having Sex
100 Skills Every Man Should Know

Links for 11-12-2008
16 Funny Senior Portraits And The Reasoning Behind Them

Links for 11-11-2008
Kid's Products That Better Prepare Them For Adulthood
Treadmill Hand Stand
This Car Thief is... Brilliant

Links for 11-10-2008
10 "great" fat guy moments in sports
6 People Who Died In Order To Prove A (Retarded) Point
Top 10 Drinking Quotes Of All Time
Top 10 Beer-Guzzling Quotes
Top 10 Greatest Movie Rants
Got my girlfriend to model for my car
Monks And Priests Huge Brawl at Jerusalem Holy Site
Drunk Ass Trying to Mount a Horse
50 Strange Buildings of the World
If State Signs Were More Truthful
Need A Lawyer?
Top 10 Cradle Robbers

Links for 11-07-2008
Cars of Police Departments of Various Countries
Trains in Pakistan
The 13 Worst Pro-Wrestling Gimmicks Ever
Bowler Falls On His Face
When the Unexpected is Seen, These Pictures Become a Whole Lot Better
A Collection of 12 %u201CFather of the Year Award%u201D Pictures
Top 10 Celebrities Who Read Their Own Obituary
Getting Arrested Is Always Funnier In Costume

Links for 11-06-2008
Cold Water Girlfriend Shower Prank Backfires
13 Things You Used To Be Good At,

Links for 11-05-2008
The 8 Most Baffling "Sports" From Around The World
Pitcher Chug
Very Lucky Biker Walks Away From Insane Accident
AFV - Scares
Actual Olan Mills photos

Links for 11-04-2008
6 National Anthems That Will Make You Tremble With Fear
army man
How the world watches porn

Links for 11-03-2008
Last Minute Halloween Tips
16 Bad Guys We'd Rather See Win
The 6 Most Insane People to Ever Run for President
The 30 Most Unsettling German Halloween Costumes
10 of the 'best' sports fan riots
Most Beautiful Goat

Links for 10-31-2008
Top 10 Celebrities Who Don%u2019t Need a Mask This Halloween

Links for 10-30-2008
Urban Dictionary Adsense X Racial Intolerance / Obama = Fail
Top 10 Bizarre Collectibles

Links for 10-29-2008
9 People Who Kill The Mood During Sex
The Latest Demotivational Pictures
20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating

Links for 10-28-2008
6 MORE Creepy Urban Legends (That Happen to be True)
The 7 most unspeakably creepy clowns
Nunchaku Master
Awkward High Fives: A Collection
The Ball Pit Bar
Kid With Down Syndrome KO-d For Kicking Toddler
Husband Slaps New Bride on Wedding Day
Elevator Predator Owned By School Girl
7 Signs In Lebanon That Made Me Laugh

Links for 10-27-2008
Strange Buildings Around the World
15 great sportscasting bloopers
The 35 Most Insane Halloween Costumes from Around the World
6 "Non-Lethal" Weapons That'll Make You Wish You Were Dead
Insane Ghetto Fight Breaks Out at IHop
Failed animal suicide
15 Most Bizarre X-Rays

Links for 10-24-2008
Fully Automatic Flashlight
Could Have Done Without That%u2026
Parking Garage Fail
Top 10 Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Secure Yourself A Celibate Holiday
7 Bizarre Things (And 1 Bodily Fluid) People Use as Money
5 Things That Have Been Found In Fat People%u2019s Skin Folds
6 Amazing Non-Sex Scenes from Porn
9 Foreign Rip-Offs Cooler Than The Hollywood Originals
How Not to Load Hundreds of Shopping Carts
13 Unintentionally Gay Soccer Positions

Links for 10-23-2008
5 Defining Characteristics of an 80%u2019s Movie High School/College Villain
We Wonder Where This Bridge Leads%u2026
Giant Spider Eating A Bird
13 Craziest Gary Busey Moments
6 Of Your Favorite Things That Are Secretly Making You Fat
Top 10 Embarrassing Halloween Costumes

Links for 10-22-2008
Sucker Punched Right Out of His Shoes
The 6 Most Utterly Insane Attempts to Kill a US President
Real Life Cabbage Patch Kid
Best Man Faints During Wedding
10 Old Computers With Outrageous Price Tags

Links for 10-21-2008
Ghost Riding In Iran
Chimpanzee rides Segway
7 Terrible Early Versions of Great Movies
10 People Who Survived the Impossible

Links for 10-20-2008
Korean Baseball Fight
40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever
How To Get Your Message On TV
13 Greatest Movie Quests For Tail
Monkey Riding Mini Bike
Top 10 Mysteries of the Universe

Links for 10-17-2008
Slow Motion Disrespect
A Phenomenal Redskins Tailgate Fail
Van Packed With Illegal Immigrants Crashes During a Chase
Creepiest Masked Killer of All-Time
Epically Painful Nut Shot Skateboard Landing
Skate vs Garage Door
7 Moments in Mixed Messages
Look Out For That Table
Dont Wake This Kid Up
Fat Singing Chick Falls Off Table
The 6 Ballsiest Scientific Frauds (People Actually Fell For)
The 10 Geekiest Pumpkins
Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Links for 10-16-2008
If Advertisements Were Truthful
'I Am Under 18' Button Clicked For First Time In History Of Internet
Great Comeback After Vicious Sucker Punch
4 Reasons I Won%u2019t Help You Move This Saturday

Links for 10-15-2008
Why Taking The Bus Sucks
9 Awesome Places to Have Sex (And the Horrific Consequences)
David Fincher's Sports Commercials Are Great
Everything Is Better Wrapped in Bacon
The 6 Most Disastrous Uses of Work Email Ever
The Seven Stages of Halloween

Links for 10-14-2008
MLB Quote of the Year: Matt Stairs
Stupid Manager Crashes Forklift
Vicious One Punch Destruction
Top 10 Movie Losers
6 Famous People Who Pissed Away a Fortune
Girl Getting Car Repoed Throws Hysterical Fit
When You REALLY Have That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

Links for 10-13-2008
The Great Depression Vs. The New Depression
Dude Wants You Off His Property
5 Strange Moments in TV Screenshots
What! No Fishing!?
Chinese Gymnastics Training
Speaking of Racism%u2026
Nut Shot For White Sox Tickets? Deal!
Which Mug Shot T-Shirt Is More Unfortunate?
Best of Ari Gold
Broadway Musicals Are Trying To Be For Men, Too
Unlucky Pigeon Has Really Bad Timing
Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Links for 10-10-2008
George Costanza's Top 10 Ladies
6 Horrible Lessons Hollywood Loves to Teach Kids
Best Best Man Ever?
Worst Sports Fan Tattoos
It%u2019s Worth The Extra $3.05
Father Shot in Gut by Two Year Old
Eric Cartman's 9 Most Evil Moments
Top 10 Tear-Jerker Movies
Radio station new word contest.

Links for 10-09-2008
What People In Hooters Are Really Thinking
People getting booed off stage
Punched in the face and kicked in the nuts
Joe 6 Pack
The 280 Pound 14 Year Old Sumo Girl
Speeding Ticket Gone Wrong
100%u2019s of Interesting Google Maps Locations

Links for 10-08-2008
America's 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs
The Top 10 silly sequel rumours of the year
5 Bizarre Ways the Weather Can Kill You Without Warning
Chick Gets Smoked At Dodge Ball
The Ultimate Shitty Quarterback
9 Emoticons Rejected By Instant Messenger
Asian Chick Fight Turns Into Huge Family Brawl
Out of Control Tram Destroys Cars
Clown Flips Out
Drunk Soccer Fan Falls Face First Off Bleachers
RIP in Style
Pee Wee Football Coach Fired for Shoving Kid

Links for 10-07-2008
Seven Supposedly Fun (And Actually Awful) Sex Ideas
Top 100 Fun Vanity License Plates

Links for 10-03-2008
Bodies of Work: 30 Unforgettable Nude Scenes
The 5 Most Overrated Jobs Of All-Time
Scooter Face Smash
When Awkward Happens: Dump-Truck
6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (With Really Obvious Solutions)
Take a Tour of the $35 Movie Theater

Links for 10-02-2008
8 Hottest Members Of Congress
5 Innovative Ways Hollywood Is Screwing You Over
The "401-Keg" Plan Renews My Faith In The Economy
Family Hazes 83-Year-Old Grandma W/ Keg Stand
Top 10 Self-Destructive Child Actors

Links for 10-01-2008
Did Guiness Make The Best Beer Commercial Ever?
The 22 Most Sensational Midgets Ever
Top 10 Most Dangerous Magic Tricks
A Look In The Lives Of Phone Sex Operators
Banned Books
NFL`s Hardest Hits
Honest Mottos for Every State
When you gotta go, you gotta go...
Email Print RSS Feeds, Top 10: Outrageous Dubai Construction Projects
Naturalistic observations of beer drinking among college students.
Things We Have All Learned From Spam Email
10 People From Your Past Who Will Haunt You On Facebook

Links for 09-30-2008
Insane Ferris Wheel
The 17 All-Time Worst ESPN GameDay Signs
Dwarf Cage Fighting Catching On In Florida
Top 10 Deadliest Prisons in the World

Links for 09-29-2008
Viagra Light Switch
Five Most Kickass Fights In All Of Movie History
10 Best Beatboxers Of All Time
Flaming Shot Fail
No Leg Dancer
Most Amazing Football Catch Ever
Food Sculptures Too Incredible to Eat
6 Baffling Mistakes Every Movie Criminal Makes
The Nude Railslide
Mug Shot Montage

Links for 09-26-2008
Disturbing Ads of Old
12 Vintage Cigarette Ads They Would Never Get Away With Now

Links for 09-25-2008
Greatest TV Hangouts
Redneck Amusement Park
Bad tattoo idea IXC
25 awesome Ari Gold quotes
Top Fictional Seinfeld Movies
Terrible UFC Fight
5 Insane Devices From Kids Cartoons (That Actually Exist)
11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway
The Massive Unintentional Porn Gallery

Links for 09-24-2008
6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now
9 Life Lessons Every Guy Can Learn From Goodfellas

Links for 09-23-2008
The 6 Most Horrifying Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich
Hotel Pool Jump

Links for 09-22-2008
Man Biting Snake Skin on the News, Anchor Loses It
This Home Doesn%u2019t Call 911
My Imaginary Friend Steve is Missing
Meet Mr. Mike Litoris
5 Retarded Space Travel Ideas (That Might Actually Work)
Biggest Friggin Football Stick
Top 10 Greatest Upsets in Sports History

Links for 09-20-2008
Fatty vs. Lambo

Links for 09-19-2008
10 Extremely Dangerous Gangs
Falling Model Videos...
Home Improvements The Future Will Bring, If It Has The Balls
Drunk fan at Shea Stadium falls victim to fans' prank
FIDEL'S 35,000

Links for 09-18-2008
Say Cheese: 12 Photos That Should Never Have Been Posted Online
10 Baseball Player Quotes That Gave me a Chuckle
Crazy Raccoon House Party
5 People You've Never Heard Of Who Saved the World
10 Crazy Royals

Links for 09-17-2008
The Great Escape
This Is One Way to Get Your Neighbors to Scoop Up After Their Dogs
Dolly Riding Accident

Links for 09-16-2008
16 Penalties Committed By College Freshmen
Reporters Vs. Hurricanes
Is there *anything* that can't be made into a "sexy" halloween outfit?
Mr. Skin's Top 50 Sexiest TV Shows of All Time: Part One!
8 Classic Movies That Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes
Top 10 Child Actresses Who Became Hotties
Horse Kicks Back
College Football's Highest-Paid Losers
Tainted Love: History's 7 Most Terrifying Romances
Top 10 Amazing Savants

Links for 09-15-2008
You Think Your Office Has Problems...
Skee Ball Vs Head
7 College Scholarships That Require Absolutely No Talent
What a Fantastic Idea!
The Definitive 25 Sexiest Sportscasters
Piss Drunk Is No Way To Go Through The High Jump
Two Girls Viciously Beat Each Other at The Beach
Top 10 Most Famous Preserved Body Parts

Links for 09-11-2008
The 8 Most Terrifying Restaurants from Around the World
A Guide To The People In Your College Library
Yeaaaah. We%u2019re Gonna Need You to Stop Rushing the Field
Official Guide to College Girls, the 5 girls you will meet on campus

Links for 09-10-2008
Usually, those roller coaster portraits aren't worth the $15.
Damn Jackhammers
10 most obnoxious fan bases
Top 10 Strangest Museums Ever
How to punch Oasis in the face
Hollywood's Most Overpaid Movie Stars

Links for 09-05-2008
Top 10 Movie Trailer Recuts (Remixes)
Ranking the NBA nicknames
Top 10 Human Inventions of All Time
10 Best Things About Booze

Links for 09-04-2008
Not The Camel Toe I Was Hoping For
28 Most Cliche Dorm Room Posters
Dude Fails At Slam Dunking
Little Guy Lands One Punch Bully Knockout
7 Great Sports Moments (That Might Have Been Fixed)
Frantic Idiot Owned by Security Gate During Earthquake
How to Take a Sick Day When You're Not Sick
6 Great US Presidents and Their Crimes Against Humanity
The 8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters
6 Cool things you've never noticed in movies

Links for 09-02-2008
This was pretty much the highlight of watching Olympic women's basketball
Beach volleyball players are truly special ladies.
5 Drunken Women Shows At Baseball Games
8 Insane Nuclear Explosions
9 Things (You Think) Your Beer Says About You
Top 10 Real Men of Genius Ads
Dont Shower At The University Of Michigan
Extremely Painful Chin Plant on Bike Jump
Top 10 Worst Named Cities in America

Links for 08-29-2008
Shawn Johnson: "It makes my taco pop"
Top 10 Smartest Dogs

Links for 08-27-2008
Top 10 Traitors

Links for 08-26-2008
10 Coolest Chuck Norris T Shirts Ever!
Revenge Gone Wild!
The Real World Fears Behind 8 Popular Movie Monsters

Links for 08-25-2008
6 Heinous Criminal Acts From the World of Sports (Mascots)
The Moment Of Dare
Crime Does Pay: 6 Criminals Who Lived Very, Very Well
Best Images From the Olympics
Looked like fun until that tree showed up.
The 7 Most Retarded Ways Celebrities Have Tried to Go Green

Links for 08-22-2008
Top 10 Mysteries of the Universe

Links for 08-21-2008
Cruel Eye Chart

Links for 08-20-2008
The 10 Best To Catch a Predator Moments
5 Famed Retired Corporate Mascots
The Most Disturbing Sex Toys Ever
Hidden Camera Prank Goes Bad
Top 10 Cults
Top 10 Whistles of Movies, TV and Radio
The 10 Hottest Female Gymnasts Of All Time

Links for 08-19-2008
Top 5 Olympic Opening Ceremony Moments China Wants You To Forget

Links for 08-11-2008
Top 10 Declassified Secrets

Links for 08-05-2008
The 50 Most Beautiful Women of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High
What do they teach kids these days?

Links for 08-04-2008
The 6 Creepiest Marketing Campaigns Aimed at Children

Links for 08-01-2008
Wearable Dog Toilet

Links for 07-30-2008
Sudoku Toilet Paper
7 Best Paternity Results Reactions
8 People Who Will Ruin Your Party
Trust me, we know!

Links for 07-29-2008
Tech Zombies: 6 Technologies That Don't Know They're Dead

Links for 07-25-2008
6 People Who Just Disappeared
Celebrities Who Look Like Strange Creatures

Links for 07-24-2008
5 Sex Experts Who Made the World a Worse Place
The 6 Most Terrifying Items People Actually Collect
The 10 Greatest Misspelled Tattoos
The Forbes Fictional Fifteen
World Championships of sand sculpture
Most Uncommon Graves
Monster Trees
Hippie vs. Beach Ball
6 News Items Thatll Make You Last Longer in Bed

Links for 07-23-2008
Keg Stand Face-Plant
10 Most Shockingly Racist Live TV Moments
5 Worst Workplace Blunders
Best Sports Headline Ever

Links for 07-22-2008
The Worlds Worst Stripper
The Best Wrestling Video Ever

Links for 07-18-2008
Best full court shots ever
Stupidest Celebrity Baby Names
Chubby Guy On Mountain Bike Didnt Take Physics

Links for 07-17-2008
20 Most Bizarre Mugshots ever
First Question Wrong On Millionaire
Fun At The Ballpark
Bull Humps Midget
World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament
5 Alarm Clocks For The Snooze-Happy

Links for 07-15-2008
Father of the Year
top 10 worst exam answers
10 of The Most Racist Toys Ever Made
The 10 Drunk People You Don't Want To Meet At The Bar
6 Retarded Gas Saving Schemes

Links for 07-11-2008
13 Things You Won't Believe Are Against the Law Somewhere
5 Famous Sci-Fi Weapons That They're Actually Building

Links for 07-10-2008
Advertising Oops

Links for 07-09-2008
7 Movies Based on a True Story (That Are Complete Bullshit)
Top Ten WTF? US Sex Laws
Zombie Boy
The dumbest injuries in sports
Summer Olympics Disaster Guide
6 Absurd Phobias (And The People Who Actually Have Them)
Treadmill Surfing Goes Wrong
The Most Hideous Movie Heroes

Links for 07-08-2008
Rock 'N' Roll Spirits -- The Most Badass Graves
The 10 Manliest Superheroes
Broken Time Machine

Links for 07-07-2008
The Twelve Best Parades To Pick Up Hot Chicks
Kid Gets Launched Into Space
Pool Basketball Domination
5 Terrible Life Lessons Hollywood Loves to Teach You
Mom of the Year

Links for 07-01-2008
7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers
Basketball Pass Takes Out a Cheerleader
Sexiest Wood Alive

Links for 06-27-2008
tramp stamp of the century

Links for 06-25-2008
The World's 5 Strangest Holidays
Movie Aliens That Look Like Genitalia
10 Craziest Japanese Products
Apparently ASSMAN was taken
Can you name the characters from 'The Simpsons'?
Sexiest Rock Star Spawn
Newspaper Headlines Of The Day

Links for 06-24-2008
Top 10 Drinking Achievements Before You Die
20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines ever
5 Superpowers From the Bible That Put Marvel and DC to Shame
The Baddest Handlebar Mustaches
12 Funniest Wedding Names
This woman had a little trouble landing the chopper.

Links for 06-20-2008
Homemade Roller Coaster

Links for 06-19-2008
50 Animals with Drinking Problems
Happy Fathers Day
The Best T-Shirts at Bonnaroo
Freshman Vs Tractor Tire
10 Drunk Photos You Don't Want To Be In
Top 10: Horniest Countries
Time Lapse of Ants Eating a Gecko

Links for 06-18-2008
Strangest Internet Cafes From Around the World
Today's 10 Hottest Female Golfers
Bankrupt! 65 Famous People Who Lost It All

Links for 06-17-2008
Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie?
Little Kid Learns Not to Get Too Close to a Deer
Idiot Feels the Wrath of a Broken Treadmill video
Woman vs 50 Cal Handgun
33 Foot Backflop
Man takes golf ball to stomach
5 Superpowers Science Will Give Us in Our Lifetime
Microwave Madness
Your Mom Called
Toy Bat Vs Baby Brother
Money Shots

Links for 06-13-2008
Hooters Beer Trick
he 10 Most Terrifying Guides to Sex
The 10 Hottest Sideline Reporters Of All Time
Guy in a Wheelchair Falls Down an Escalator
The 8 Places You Probably Lost Your Virginity
9 Insane Cases that Prove the US Legal System Is Screwed

Links for 06-11-2008
Why Athletes Go Broke

Links for 06-10-2008
Pictures From The Sky
Good Healthy Snack

Links for 06-09-2008
Best and the worst corporate logo ever
The 50 Best Pun Stores
The World's 5 Worst Ways To Get Drunk

Links for 06-06-2008
Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane
7 Innocent Gestures That Can Get You Killed Overseas
The 6 Most Unrealistic Movie Workouts
AquaLOOP: The Best Water Slide Ever!
The 15 Greatest Horror Movies that Never Were
5 Things You Didn't Know: Condoms
Holy Cheeto, Its the Mother of God!
Toothpicks, Bras, and Seven Other Bizarre Ways to Die

Links for 06-04-2008
25 Things I Learned About Business from "South Park"
Awesome Custom made Bike

Links for 06-03-2008
Awesome, show-all costumes
The 6 Most Innovative Brothels From Around the World
18 obscenely wealthy comic-book and cartoon characters
Woman Fights With The Pump
The mugshots of 15 strippers arrested in Houston
Chick Gets Revenge On Construction Workers

Links for 05-30-2008
Funny bumperstickers

Links for 05-28-2008
The 10 Hottest Pro Athlete Daughters

Links for 05-23-2008
From Bizarre to Weird
Top 10 Athlete Performances On Saturday Night Live
What People Thought the Future Would Look Like...100 Years Ago

Links for 05-22-2008
10 Private Islands You Cant Afford to Live On

Links for 05-21-2008
8 Child Prodigies So Amazing They'll Ruin Your Day
The 9 Most Devastating Insults From Around the World

Links for 05-16-2008
Google Maps Oops

Links for 05-12-2008
Draft Feinstein?

Links for 05-07-2008
14 Smoking Accessories that Nobody Should Own
Need a ride?
125 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die
FootbLOL: Off-Season Fun With Anti-Meth Ads

Links for 05-02-2008
The 10 Least Useful iPod Accessories Money Can Buy

Links for 04-29-2008

Links for 04-23-2008
This Takes Balls
Friendly Neighbor

Links for 04-21-2008
The 5 Most Amazing Real Life MacGyver Moments
Euphemisms for Male Masturbation
The 300 Movies You Must See Before You Die!

Links for 04-18-2008
5 Girls Youre Likely to Meet In a College Bar
Treadmill Sick of Annoying Girl
Strong Anti-Drug Ad
Facebooks McDonalds Value Meal Challenge
Video of Man Trapped In Elevator For 41 Hours
The Stupidest Business Decisions in History
Whiskey Business: The Many Myths of Jack Daniel

Links for 04-15-2008
Casting Mike Tyson's Punch Out: The Movie
Saran Wrap Prank On Crabby Roommate
The Mclovin' Fund
Great Compilation of the Best Boxing Knockouts Ever
Kobe's Jump Without Special Effects
Measure of a Man
Cloudy With a Chance of Fabulous: How gay is your weather man?
6 Gruesome Disorders Anyone Can Get
History's 7 Most Astounding Sexual Resumes

Links for 04-10-2008
Hand Signals Defined
Everybodys Doing It

Links for 04-09-2008
Best Game Ever

Links for 04-08-2008
The Bizarre History of 10 Common Sayings
The Stories Behind 10 Famous Product Placements
6 Insane Cults (That Would Probably Be a Lot of Fun)
Best High School Senior Photo

Links for 04-01-2008
15 Things Men Say But Dont Really Mean
Albert Pujols Has A Cousin Named Harry Pujols
Are You An Average Man?

Links for 03-31-2008
10 Ways Historys Finest Kept Their Focus at Work
Sexiest Sex Offenders: Tampa Edition

Links for 03-27-2008
50 Hottest Women of Sports
Prison Vocab

Links for 03-25-2008
Amish Drifting
History's 10 Most Terrifying Contraceptives
This Takes Balls
10 Best Things About Spring On Campus
8 Upcoming Movie Adaptations That Must Be Stopped

Links for 03-24-2008
Caught on the throne
The 8 Least Impressive Guinness World Records
16 of the Most Extreme & Modern Beds Youll Ever See
Down Boy
7 Pampered Celebrities and their Ridiculous Pre-show Demands
Reading Between the Lines: Bumper Sticker Edition
I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Chick but I've Woken Up With A Few
The 10 Products Only Douchebags Buy
Insure My Butt: Literally!
A Look Back to a 1995 Newsweek Article. "Why the Internet Will Never Be Anything"

Links for 03-14-2008
You're Doing It Wrong
Useless Body Parts
20 Movies that Make Men Cry
Top 11 Mullets in Sports
Poor Wife Choices = Poor Life Choices

Links for 03-13-2008
Exotic Birds vs. Exotic Women
Ten Things You Can't Trust a Woman With
Hollywood's 10 Biggest Sluts Of All Time

Links for 03-12-2008
The 6 Most Narcissistic Celebrity Dads

Links for 03-11-2008
Marriage License
How To Sit With Style

Links for 02-28-2008
5 Books That Can Actually Make You Stupider

Links for 02-26-2008
Sleep Jerk to Piss Shivers: 5 Body Mysteries Explained
Guess My Crime

Links for 02-22-2008
5 Things I Didnt Know about Poop

Links for 02-21-2008
The 15 Most Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals

Links for 02-20-2008
The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe.
Harry Potter & The Well of Scammers
Unusual eBay Feedback

Links for 02-19-2008
Coney Island Freaks of Yesterday and Today
Squirrel Fight
The 22 Worst Dunks Ever (Found on the Internet)
The Weirdest Things People Stick Inside Their Bodies
Kid Learns the Hard Way Not To Stand Behind a Horse

Links for 02-18-2008
Sex Around the World - Cheesy Pickup Lines in Every Language
The Best Characters On TV

Links for 02-14-2008
5 Ways Hollywood Tricks You Into Seeing Bad Movies
The 5 Ballsiest Con Artists of All Time

Links for 02-12-2008
De-motivational Posters
New Doppler Radar Technology
10 accidental inventions
Strange Stuff
Cool PC Pics

Links for 02-11-2008
Weird People in Asia

Links for 02-08-2008
Snuz N' Luz
Chucks Landing

Links for 02-07-2008
28 Interesting Accidents
Top 10 Badass Ancient Weapons
Top Eight (8) Most Poisonous Animals

Links for 02-06-2008
Who Wants Coffee?

Links for 02-05-2008
100 Great Movies Every Guy MUST See
8 Coaches Who Are Also Douchebags
10 Things That Could Kill You - But Probably Wont
Worlds Best Graffiti
15 T-Shirts You'd Hate to See on Your Daughter's Boyfriend

Links for 02-01-2008
Golf Stunt Goes Bad
20 Things You Don't know

Links for 01-31-2008
cheerleaders get mowed over by football players
The 10 Best News Reporter Attacks Caught On Camera
6 Not-So-Secret Secret Societies
How Not to Show Off Your Killer Dive at a Pool
When Downhill Skateboarding Goes Painfully Wrong
ESPN's Stable of Instability
Idiot vs Power Cord
A Lemur Watching 2 Girls 1 Cup
Dumb Girl of the Day

Links for 01-30-2008
The 10 Best Beer Slogans

Links for 01-16-2008
7 Unexpected Erections Caught On Camera

Links for 01-15-2008
The 5 Current Genetic Experiments Most Likely to Destroy Humanity
The 6 Most Insane Game Shows From Around the World
30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits
Revenge Gone Wild!

Links for 01-14-2008
The Halfway Inn

Links for 01-11-2008
Durex Ad
Who The Hell Designed This Ride?

Links for 01-07-2008
14 Signs of a Deficient Intellect
5 Things You Didn't Know: Seinfeld

Links for 12-31-2007
Marvel Comics vs. Science: 5 of the Most Absurd Superhero Origins
5 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do

Links for 12-20-2007
Who says troopers don't have a sense of humor?

Links for 12-19-2007
The Top Ten Stupid Criminals of 2007
5 Drinking Stories That Put Yours To Shame
Most Expensive LEGAL Pets To Own
Top 10 Worst Logos

Links for 12-14-2007
10 Ridiculously Unique Dining Experiences You Should Try Before You Die
The 9 Most Unnecessary Greatest Hits Albums of All Time
The Greatest Movie Bar Fights
Seven Historical Figures Who Married Their Cousins
The 33 Best Beer Pong Tables Ever Created
Mugshots and Facial Tattoos

Links for 12-13-2007
Things You May Or May Not Know

Links for 12-12-2007
Bachelor Christmas Tree
Top 9 Most Humiliating Sports Moments
Sweet Move In Wheelbarrow Race

Links for 12-10-2007
The Guide to Taking a Dump at Work
MILFs and Cougars: A Practical Guide
Letter of the Day
The Mirror 5

Links for 12-07-2007
6 Singers Who Are Mistaken About Their Raw Sexuality
10 Most Shocking things found on people's stomachs
Why You Don't Get Out of Your Car at the Carwash
Spiked Balls

Links for 12-06-2007
Best Penalty Of The Year

Links for 11-28-2007
9 Telltale Signs You're Probably an Asshole
Best Sucker Punch Videos
The Worst Ice Ever - Picture

Links for 11-27-2007
Gadgets For The Drinking Man
The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History
The 10 Creepiest Craigslist Casual Encounters

Links for 11-20-2007
When Fake Fighting Goes Bad

Links for 11-19-2007
The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters
The 6 Most Misguided Christian Video Games
Top 10 People Caught Cheating On Camera

Links for 11-15-2007
11 Types of Halloween Houses
Dogs ruin birthday party
The 10 Most Asinine Movie Twist Endings
The Top 10 Secret Celebrity Scientologists

Links for 11-14-2007
The Nintendo Historian Quiz Redux
Five Types of Strippers

Links for 11-13-2007
8 Really Strange Hotel Rooms
The 10 Cosa Nostra (Mob) Commandments
The 5 Smallest Countries in the World
Accidental Flying Round House Kick To The Face
The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World

Links for 11-12-2007
Crocodile Son
Definition: A.C. Slatering
The Next 9 Children's Characters That Should Come Out of the Closet
8 Most Brutal Self-Surgery Scenes
'Rules to pimp home'
Fake Midget Costume

Links for 11-09-2007
Fixed By Photoshop

Links for 11-08-2007
5 Movie Quotes That Must Be Stopped
The 7 Most Terrifying Celebrity Transformations
Motivational Posters

Links for 11-07-2007
Top 10 Ugliest Animals
20 Gnarliest Torture Devices of All Time

Links for 11-06-2007
Top 10 Most Expensive Libations
After The Vandy Game
The World's Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names
6 Shows (Thankfully) Canceled After One Episode
Transforming Transformer Costume
20 Things You Didn't Know About Living In Space
Quiz: Is It Fake of Foto?
Racial Profiling Starts Early

Links for 11-05-2007
Dramatic Chipmunk
Swear Jar
9 Superhero Powers That Would Be More Trouble Than They're Worth
How to Get Into "The Business"
The Five Biggest Badass Popes
Own Your Own Texas Town
Where Are They Now - The Seinfeld Characters

Links for 11-02-2007
Famous People Who Look Like They Smell
The Internet in 1993
Cop Frisks Guy A Little Too Thoroughly
Shirt of the Day
How to Get Laid in 1977 and Your Ass Kicked in 2007
13 Amazing Jack-o-lanterns We're Too Lazy to Make
Audio of Dog the Bounty Hunter's Racist Rant
The 10 Dumbest Questions in Song Lyric History
20 Different Bar Tricks

Links for 11-01-2007
Halloween Gallery
25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Your Ultimate DIY Guide

Links for 10-31-2007
No mights about it, you are a redneck if...
Shirt of the Day
7 Movie Deaths That Would be Awesome to Have on Your Tombstone
Impressive Dismount In Racing Wipeout
The 10 Best Moments From South Park

Links for 10-30-2007
Shirt of the Day
Little Girl Crashes Dads Motorcycle
Magical Baseball Bat
High Class
Cheerleader Run Over By Football Team

Links for 10-29-2007
The Top 10 Contestants on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy
5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen
Top 10 Songs with a Cowbell
Shirt of the Day
Trinity Football 15 Laterals Miracle Play
Cool Bar Trick
Hot Girl Fight
Iron Soccer Ball Prank
Dad of the Year

Links for 10-26-2007
Dick Doodles
The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends (That Happen to be True)
Nine Monsters We Can Kick the Crap Out Of
Why Isn't this Working!?
Cheating Survey
This Gangbang Is So Awkward
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